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Child Custody And Child Support In North Carolina

Child custody and child support are often very contentious areas of family law because parents care deeply for the safety and well-being of their children. The laws that apply to custody and support cases in North Carolina are very intricate, and it is crucial that you consult with an experienced family law attorney to fully understand all your rights and responsibilities. Custody and child support issues are delicate, and directly impact the life of the children and the bond they share with each parent.

At The Law Office of Katlyn A. Reh, PLLC, I work diligently to handle these matters in a peaceable and constructive fashion, but I have the persistence and perseverance to litigate these matters if necessary, to ensure that the best interests of the children are met. I am fervent in safeguarding children’s rights, and, in my free time, I assist children in need in our community through volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem and a Child Custody Advocate with the Council for Children’s Rights.

Understanding Factors Impacting Child Custody Determinations

North Carolina courts determine child custody issues by considering what will promote the best interest and welfare of the child. In making this determination, the court has the discretion to consider “all relevant factors.” Unlike some other states, North Carolina does not have an exhaustive list of all factors that may be deemed relevant, making consulting with an attorney who has experience in determining relevant factors and presenting these relevant factors to the court exceedingly important. There is also a distinction between physical custody, which is with whom the child lives, and legal custody, which refers to the power to make major life choices on behalf of the child. There are many different possibilities with respect to physical custody and legal custody arrangements, and I can assist in explaining all available options to help you determine what solutions are most viable for you and your family.

Understanding Factors Impacting Child Support Calculations

In North Carolina, each parent has the responsibility to provide for the needs of the children. Statutorily, child support payments are to meet the reasonable needs of the child for health, education and maintenance, and the court can consider multiple factors in calculating the amount of child support. Examples of these factors include both parent’s incomes, preexisting child support obligations for other children, payments of health insurance premiums, the physical custody arrangements of the parties, among other factors. North Carolina has child support guidelines used to weigh these factors and calculate the child support amount. The child support guidelines are presumed to be proper, but in certain circumstances, the court will allow a deviation from the child support guidelines.

The child support guidelines are complicated, and understanding all factors at play to calculate the appropriate amount can be overwhelming and unnerving. It is greatly beneficial to work with an attorney who has experience in calculating child support for cases involving a variety of different circumstances. I am committed to assisting clients achieve an equitable and just resolution to issues involving child support.

Modifications Of Existing Child Custody And Child Support Orders

To modify a child custody or child support order, a substantial change in circumstances must be shown. I encourage you to contact me at The Law Office of Katlyn A. Reh, PLLC, to discuss your existing order and all circumstances that may qualify as a substantial change in condition and warrant a modification of an existing order.

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